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Sample Pumps & Tubing

Sample pumps can be used for one day or forever. It all depends on the operator of the pump. Our pumps work on vacuum and therefore the more you pump the more oil will come into the bottle. If you see that the oil is coming fast and will overfill the bottle, all you have to do is unscrew the bottle a turn or two and that will break the vacuum and stop the flow. The sample bottles should be filled only up to the shoulder of the bottle. A clean piece of tubing should be used for each sample as not to contaminate samples. The tubing is put into the fitting and should only extend to the bottom of the pump (not the bottle).

If you overfill the bottle, oil gets into the pump vacuum chamber and soaks the flapper and it will cease to function. Rebuild kits are available which consist of 3 “O” rings and a new flapper. Old o-rings and flapper should be removed and the pump cleaned in solvent before the new rings and flapper are inserted.

The head of the pump (Red) unscrews from the black handle to give access to the flapper and to change the internal “O” ring. Repair kits are available at $5.00 each.


A probe is under the rubber cap on the front of the pump. This is to activate valves that are on some engines. Engine must be running to sample from the valve. Put bottle on pump and push probe into valve and the oil pressure from the engine will fill the bottle.