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There is nothing worse than being on public transportation and having the equipment break down. On my way home from work one day I spotted a city bus disabled on the side of the street with a full passenger load that was going to be late for supper. How about a Lyft, Uber or taxi driver with a passenger on the way to the airport with an engine that just quit or a transmission going south. Most of these embarrassing situations can be solved with oil analysis.

Test results are emailed at the close of day and also posted to a website where customers have access 24/7 with their customer number and password which will be assigned to the account

Recommended Tests

The Basic Oil Test (BOT*) package which consists of 21 elements is a simple inexpensive oil test of the engine, transmission or coolant that can forecast problems before they become major breakdowns. A large bus company usually has a spare bus to send out in an emergence, but what about the driver that has only one vehicle.

Specialty Equipment Used for Your Test

  • ICP spectrometer
  • Retro Spark Spectrometer
  • Viscometers
  • Water detection equipment